*Synod Rosie-O-Grady
(Brynymor Welsh Magic x Synod Rosemary by Brenin Dafydd)
Foaled 1986
We wish to thank Eli Schlabach of North Star Cobs for giving us the opportunity to lease this grand old
mare. Rosie's bloodlines are remarkable and we are thrilled to add them to our breeding program. At 23
years young Rosie blessed us with
Castleberrys Rosalee, (pictured above) a super typey, gorgeous filly
*Tuscani Dundee. This filly is being retained here at Castleberry.
Rosie is a delightful old mare that pretty much has the run of the farm. She is kind and patient and an
excellent mother and babysitter. We hear that she did quite a bit of winning under saddle in her younger
days as well as in hand. No surprise when we look at her sire, dam and siblings.
It appears that at age 24, Rosie is once again in foal, even though an earlier palpation by a veterinarian
looked doubtful. The pictures below were taken on July 2nd so you can see why we are quite confident
that she is indeed in foal. How thrilled we are once again to have a foal out of Rosie to add to the North
American Welsh Cob genepool. Rosie has had six foals in her lifetime (too bad she wasn't bred more
often when she was younger). All six foals were fillies! We look forward to a late August, early
September arrival. Will it be a colt or a filly? Check back and see!
*Synod Rosie-O-Grady at 23 yrs of age and her 2009 filly Castleberrys Rosalee by *Tuscani Dundee
Brynymor Welsh Magic
Rosie's sire
Synod Rosemary
Rosie's dam
Castleberrys Rosalee, Rosie's 2009 filly by *Tuscani Dundee. She is being retained
North Star Rosemary

Here is Rosie's 2007 filly by *Deoniaeth Fly Boy
She is being bred to Castleberrys Ffame ap
Culhwch and will be offered for sale once she is
confirmed in foal. Please inquire with us at
North Star Rebecca

Here is Rosie's 2006 filly by Jireh Justice. She has
been well started in harness. She is barefoot in this
picture! She looks so much like her dam. Rebecca
is also for sale. Please inquire with us at